The Lionfish Working Group (LWG) is multidisciplinary and has members from across Belize. The intention is for active membership to include government authorities, conservation practitioners, marine scientists, tourism stakeholders, food industry stakeholders, and commercial fishery stakeholders. The intention of maintaining a diverse membership is to ensure that the concerns, interests, and needs of each group are fully incorporated in lionfish management action planning.


Belize Fisheries Department

Blue Ventures

National Fishermen’s Cooperative

Celso Cawich, independent conservation practitioner

Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association

Wildlife Conservation Society

Placencia Tour Guides Association

Belize Audubon Society

Toledo Institute for Development and Environment

Hol Chan Marine Reserve


Toni Ysaguirre, independent conservation practitioner

Turneffe Atoll Trust

Southern Environmental Association

Belize Tourism Board
Belize Tourism Industry Association
Wabafu Fishermen Association
Projects Abroad