Wear da lion

Wear with pride!

Besides eating the fish, fins & tails from lionfish are being fashioned into jewellery. The production of lionfish jewellery supports fishers targeting lionfish and women seeking empowerment and economic independence.

Check out the Facebook page Belize Lionfish Jewellery for more information on how to support this women’s group and purchase your lionfish jewellery!


Want to get involved?

  1. The ladies are always looking for more fins & tails, if you have a regular supply or access to fins, contact them to support these social entrepreneurs removing lionfish from our reef! 
  2. Promote them and the great work they are doing! Belize is the only country in the world with an established group of women working together to improve their lives, their communities and help control the lionfish invasion! 
  3. Are you a restaurant, giftshop, hotel or boutique interested in selling lionfish jewelry? Contact them here to acquire sustainable and beautifully hand-made jewelry that your customers will LOVE!